2022. október 6., csütörtök


Morgan Stanley at University of Szeged

Discover Morgan Stanley and its divisions. Familiarize yourself with our recruitment process and join a series of events with the opportunity to meet us and understand what we work on within the Finance Risk Management divisions.

You can also participate in a trial interview where you can test your knowledge and English skills in a real interview situation without taking any risk. You will get immediate and valuable feedback o n your performance and knowledge from our experienced interviewers.


• 10:00 11:00 Presentation on Morgan Stanley & introduction of Finance & Risk Management

• 11:00 12:30 Trial interviews *

• 12:30 13:00 Networking

Please note that you can participate on the introduction without registering for the trial interview.

Timing may change depending on the number of participants.

Region: Europe, Middle East, Africa

Event - Location: Hungary

Business Unit: Finance, Risk Management

Audience: Freshmen/1st Year , Sophomore/2nd Year, Junior/3rd Year (choose if you are in a 3 year program), Junior/3rd Year (choose if you are in a 4 year program), Senior/4th Year, Masters of Business Administration,
Masters (non - MBA), Doctorate, Other Graduate, Quantitative , Pre-university

Event description: Morgan Stanley at University of Szeged - Trial Interviews

Date: 26th November 2021

Time: 10:00 am - 13:00 pm CET

Event address / venue details: Szeged, Feketesas utca 28

Application Deadline: 21 November 2021 Sunday

Application process: Please upload your updated English CV including your contact details. Your attendance will be confirmed by 21 November via email.