Are you looking for a new challenge for the fall semester? Let your adventure begin!


Diageo’s BESPIRITED competition is here to put your business skills to test. Go on virtual international missions, solve interesting business-related tasks with your teammates and explore the 25 years history of Diageo during the game.


1st prize: an iPad for each team member

2nd prize: AirPods for each team member

3rd prize: 20.000 HUF Diageo brand voucher for each team member

What is involved? 

The competition has three online stages:

1. Qualification: a virtual business journey and investigation game

Did you know that Diageo is celebrating the 25 years anniversary of its foundation? A quarter century led Diageo from the first office launch in 1997 to currently owning over 200 brands that are sold in more than 180 countries around the world. In our online qualification round you will have the chance to travel across the world, discovering Bangalore, Budapest and London offices of Diageo. Learn more about the company while solving business-relates cases!

2. Semi-final: business simulation

In the semi-final round you’ll test your business skills on another level. Take over the control as members of the managing board at an imaginary FMCG company! In our business simulation you will have to make decisions in production, sales, HR, marketing and compete on a virtual market with your competitors.

3. Final: presentation of a case study

The best teams have to make a presentation about their solution of the Final’s business case study to show their ideas and spirit to the jury of Diageo experts and leaders.

Who can apply?

University/College students or fresh graduates (maximum two years after graduation) can join to the competition. At some points, business administration and/or financial studies can be an advantage, but applications with any other background are very welcome.

How to apply?

If you are up for the challenge, apply to the competition with two of your friends until 11 October 2022 at