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Call for Proposal No. SZTE/2013/PB0265/E

The Directorate of Finance and Engineering, University of Szeged (hereafter  Inviting Authority) invites candidates to an open procedure for supplying the following product:


BBO Crystals (OPA)

Offer No: SZTE/2013/PB0265/E


Deadline for submission of offers: June 18th, 2013 (3.00 pm)


Estimated Date of delivery: within 4 weeks ARO


Short specification of product:


BBO Crystals(OPA)



Θ= 27˚


Antireflex coatings: for 532 nm and 700-900 nm

Other: all is free standing (no substrate)

Sizes and quantity

8x8x2 mm 1 pc

8x8x1 mm 1 pc

8x8x0.5 mm 3 pcs

8x8x0.25 mm  3 pcs


Offers are to be submitted to the following e-mail address in PDF file:  


In the heading of the offer please indicate the Description of Product and the Offer Number. The address/Tel/Fax No of candidate and the name of contact person should also be included.

Please indicate the delivery charge and all the other expenses in your proposal!


For further information please turn to the following contact persons:


Ibolya Takacs Lajko foreign sales representative

Adam Borzsonyi technical support     


The official language of the procedure is Hungarian, but offers can also be submitted in English language. The Inviting Authority expects offers from suppliers that can guarantee a prompt delivery and have a stable financial background. The Inviting Authority reserves the right to request further information from candidates within 5 working days in writing . Request for further information will be sent  to each candidate with a valid offer. Following the submission deadline, the Inviting Authority evaluates the offers and candidates are informed on the result with the least possible delay.


The Inviting Authority reserves the right to cancel the above offer procedure fully or  partially,  without any justification. The Inviting Authority  is not liable for consequences resulted by the withdrawal.

This call for proposal is not to be considered as a contractual commitment undertaken by the Inviting Authority. The call and the full procedure are subject to the Inviting Authority’s internal regulations.