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Science and Informatics

The Faculty of Science and Informatics is the biggest faculty at the University of Szeged consisting of 7 institutes and 7 doctoral schools. With 5100 students (120 in English programs) and 458 lecturers and researchers, the Faculty of Science organizes knowledge from Mathematics and Statistics through Biology, Chemistry and Physics to Environmental Sciences and Computer Sciences. The Faculty establishment is dated back to 1921, forming an elementary part of the universities.

The Faculty members are highly qualified professionals and researchers: out of 47 professors, 11 are members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Programmes at the Faculty provide our students with a rigorous and challenging curriculum to help them succeed in their post-academic and professional endeavours.



The University of Szeged offers the following programmes in the field of Science and Informatics:

  1. 4 Masters Programmes
  2. 7 PhD Programmes
  3. Programmes in English


scienceGeography (MSc) programme aims to train professional Geographers with expertise in the fields of landscape and environmental management as well as regional and urban planning. Read more information about the programme here.


Biology (MSc) programme provides our students with a rigorous and challenging curriculum to help them succeed in their post-academic and professional endeavours. Read more information about the programme here.


Chemistry programme (MSc) acquires its students an extended knowledge and understanding of the most important experimental and theoretical principles in chemistry. The basic theoretical education contains courses in mathematics, physics and informatics. Read more information about the programme here.


Computer Science (MSc) programme trains computer scientists who can develop, create, apply, implement and operate IT systems at an advanced level either individually or as a team member. Read more about the programme here.


Biology (PhD) programme studies are possible in all biology disciplines currently pursued in the biology departments of the the University of Szeged and at the Biological Research Centre of HAS Szeged, with special emphasis on molecular and experimental fields. Read more information about the programme here.


Geosciences (PhD) programme: The Geography education and research have a long and internationally acknowledged tradition at the University of Szeged. Read more information about the programme here.

Environmental Sciences (PhD) programme: Environmental education at the University of Szeged has been internationally acknowledged for decades. TRead more information about the programme here.


Chemistry (PhD) programme: This postgraduate curriculum is for students who have a graduate degree (MSc) in chemistry, chemical engineering, high school chemistry teaching or pharmacy. Read more information about the programme here.


Physics (PhD) programme: The Doctoral School of Physics is based on the research fields of astrophysics, biophysics, laser physics, optics, radiology and nuclear medicine, solid state physics and laser-matter interaction, theoretical and mathematical physics. Read more information about the programme here.


Mathematics (PhD) programme: The duration of this PhD educational programme is 2+2 years. The students have to complete at least 5 courses. The Bolyai Institute offers 5 general courses Algebra, Theory of Measure and Integral, Topology, Discrete Mathematics, Probability Theory. Read more information about the programme here.


Computer Science (PhD) educational programme requires active and productive research work under the supervision of the thesis adviser, the completion of five courses, and active participation in seminars at the Institute of Informatics. Read more here.

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Student life

student lifeStudents studying Science and Informatics come from from 35 countries.



In cooperation with the University the Mentor System of the University, Erasmus Student Network helps newly arrived students starting their academic and social life at SZTE and Szeged. ESN and their events bring international students closer to the to the local community and last but not least, they make friends with them, all in order to provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of students helping students and to build a more peaceful and unified Europe of tomorrow.

Students have the opportunity to join Intensive practical training or participating in extensive scientific and industrial partnership in the international projects of our institutes such as Research possibilities in the Szeged Biological Research Centre. Students also have the opportunity of Collaboration with the ELI-ALPS Laser Research Centre, an integral part of European scientific research institutions.

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Career Opportunities

science_careerGraduates of the Faculty of Sciences are able to work in several areas: pharmaceutical companies, research centres, laboratories and IT companies. Lucrative future careers can be built in many fields or students can lay the foundation of their future doctoral research as well.

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How to Apply?

Application Step by Step

  1. Choose your programme and read the programme description on our website. Each descriptions includes a direct link to the online application platform.
  2. Click on Apply Now button in the programme description and sign up for the online application platform.
  3. Fill in the online application form, upload the necessary documents and make sure to pay the application fee.
  4. Check your mailbox regularly. The system will remind you to complete the tasks.


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