Doctoral School of Law and Political Sciences (Ph. D), in English

The Head of the Doctoral School

Prof. László BLUTMAN DSc
Department of Roman Law
H–6720 Szeged, Tisza L. krt. 54., Hungary

The Executive Secretary of the Doctoral School

Dr. Zsuzsanna FEJES PhD

Office hours: Friday 9-10 A.M. Office: Room 53. 2nd floor Szeged,10-12.Bocskai street Szeged

The Administrator of the Doctoral School

Gabriella Vad

Office: University of Szeged Faculty of Law and Political Sciences (Room 11. 54. Tisza Lajos krt. Szeged)

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-10:00A.M.

Address: 54. Tisza Lajos krt. Szeged 6720

Telephone number: +36-62/544-482


Level of the programme: PhD

Duration of the programme: 4+4 semesters

Registered in: EU

Credits: 240


Who should apply? We expect applicants to be interested in legal and social sciences. Due to the wide-range training programmes, not only lawyer graduates, but also those having master degrees in industrial relations, social security, public administration, international relations or political science can be admitted to our Doctoral School.


Application requirements: Ceompleted application form; Research proposal (2-3 printed pages. There is no specified format for research proposals but the following areas shall be covered: introduction, short literature review, knowledge or previous experience of research area, how the research project will make an original and independent contribution to knowledge, aims and objectives of the research project, and the language of the future dissertation) Curriculum Vitae, Two reference letters (references must be from academic professors), Scanned copies of Master’s degree certificate; Scanned copy of a transcript of academic record to date (if relevant); If the chosen language of the future dissertation is not the Student’s native language, scanned copies of any language qualifications.


Tuition fee:

– Full-time PhD studies in Szeged for 8 semesters

– Correspondence PhD studies in Szeged for 8 semesters

– Individual Training Programme

2800 EUR/semester

Registration fee: 1000 EUR


Start of the programme: February & September of each year


For further information please contact:

Secretary: Dr. Zsuzsanna Fejes PhD

Faculty of Law
H–6720 Szeged, Tisza Lajos 54., Hungary



The Doctoral School of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Szeged was established in 2002. In the previous period PhD students had participated in individual training. Our Doctoral School aims to give the opportunity for doctoral students to deepen their knowledge in legal research methodology and to gain more experience in the theoretical background and the practical issues according to their special professional interests. Our Doctoral School provides facilities to pursue doctoral studies in the frame of 6 alternative training programmes. Beside the well-known university professors, there are numerous PhD supervisor associate professors having much experience. The younger generation of scholars at the Faculty also undertakes supervising tasks, therefore, we can provide consultants to nearly any chosen research topics to those interested.

The core fields of the programmes are Historical and theoretical jurisprudence, Comparative law, Civilistic legal sciences, Public law, Criminal law, International and business law, European law, Public policy, Social security and administration, International relations, and it combines both theories and practices through law in action and legal cases studies.

The current scientific work builds upon the rich tradition left for us by the famous professors of this faculty. On one hand it points out a high academic standard we intend to achieve and on the other hand it makes us responsible to nurture and broaden our international relationships with other universities and research institutes in the world. We are especially proud to mention as our predecessors at the faculty: György Bónis (Legal History), Elemér Pólay (Roman Law), István Kovács (Constitutional Law), Iván Meznerics (Financial Law), János Martonyi Snr. (Administrative Law), László Buza (International Law), Róbert Horváth (Statistics), Béla Kemenes (Civil Law), Emil Schulteisz (Criminal Law), István Bibó (Political Sciences), Barna Horváth (Legal Theory) and László Nagy (Labour Law).

The doctoral school gives us the possibility to strengthen further our international connections, professional and personal contacts. As part of the tradition we have permanent relationship with the famous universities in Germany (e.g. Freiburg, Graz, Heidelberg, München, Münster, Giessen, Potsdam, Jena, Ulm, Tübingen). In the last few years this scope has broadened thanks to the different programs of the European Union. We have active partnership with many universities located in Europe e.g. Nanterre, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Aix en Provence, Louvain, Barcelona, Thessaloniki, Verona.Lectures are held in Hungarian in the Doctoral School but we would be pleased to organize courses and consultations in English for students from abroad.

Graduates usually choose their careers in law, or in the sector of public administration and areas of jurisdiction.

Training/research programmes and Programme Coordinators


Training/research programmes

Programme Coordinators

Historical and theoretical jurisprudence

Comparative Law

Prof. Dr. Attila Badó



Prof. Dr. Márta Görög

Public Law Research

Dr. Judit Tóth

Criminal Law Sciences


Prof. Dr. Krisztina Karsai

International and Business Law, European Law



Dr. Klára Gellén

Civil, Public administration and international relations

Prof. Dr. József Hajdú

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