2021. January 19., Tuesday

SZTE is the First Hungarian Partner Institute of the SGroup International Network

By the end of November 2020, the University of Szeged joined the constantly increasing number of partners of the SGroup Universities in Europe Network, as the first Hungarian partner institution.

The Network provides opportunities for exchanging information and collaboration for all of its partners from 21 nations all around the world.

SGroup is an international non-profit association established in 1988 for modern and internationally orientated universities with the aim of expanding collaboration opportunities in education and research through the transfer of knowledge and development of strategic alliances. SGroup has successfully put multiple projects and collaborations in action, it’s most notable current actions are Erasmus Without Paper 2.0 aiming to modernise the Erasmus+ programme, Think Tank Academy supporting collaborations of HEIs, the Rec-Mat project boosting mobility between Europe and Latin-Americas and the SUCTIA project for internationalisation.

SGroup regularly hosts various conferences and webinars, currently focusing on topics of general and social sustainability - especially due to the current issues caused by the pandemic. Representatives of University of Szeged have been participating on these events for the last couple of months, where they had the chance to learn about and be inspired by the educational, social and sustainability methods of the partner institutions. Joining the network will help SZTE to transfer its knowledge and extend its educational, research and mobility platforms in the future – outside the borders of Europe as well.

SZTE Experience


Ferdous Rahman – Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

My name is Ferdous Rahman and I am from Bangladesh. I am pursuing doctoral studies at the Department of Private International Law at the Faculty of Law and Political Science under the Stipendium Hungaricum Programme. Currently I am in the first year of my four-year PhD programme. I came to know about SZTE while exploring for the Stipendium Hungaricum programme. Among the other available options, this was my first choice. Apart from its excellent ranking, I got my supervisor with similar research interest. The increasing number of international students gave me a comfort of having a cosmopolitan environment. After starting my studies here in September 2019, I am convinced that I could not expect more. For prospective students, I would advise that SZTE can be their next home as I got mine. Everyone here including the professors, the administrators, and the students are very friendly and helpful. They make studies a joyous journey instead of pile of classes and books. After my graduation, I will return to my home country. The knowledge and the experience that I have been receiving here will be a great resource for my academic career. I intend to continue my research further and expect to contribute to policy formulation at national and international level."


Hamza Baniata – Faculty of Science and Informatics

I am Hamza Baniata, a first-year student at the Doctoral School of Computer Science, and I am From Jordan. SZTE is continuously supporting research and it has an internationally recognized, highly ranked group of professors. It also offers courses and research topics that are strongly related to my research field; Cloud Computing, Fog Computing and Internet of Things. All of this motivated me to apply to the University/Department of Software Engineering. Szeged is a calm city, full of love and peace. The University of Szeged is similar to the city, which provides the perfect environment for creation and development. Studying at the university requires a high level of effort, commitment and seriousness. Applying to the university and having these characteristics are my two pieces of advice to prospective students. It is very early to define my future now, but I am planning to apply to a research position in my field after graduation and if I had the opportunity, I would love to contribute my effort and knowledge in advancing such a wonderful and respected university.