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University of Szeged Enters an Agreement With a Globally Recognised Company

The University of Szeged signed a strategic agreement with a company that is leading in the development of hearing aids.

In addition to one of the largest companies of the world specialized in medical research against cancer, the University of Szeged is joined by a principal company producing hearing aids and ear implants as a new strategic partner.

The University of Szeged signed a strategic partnership with Cohlear Research and Development Ltd. at the beginning of December in Budapest. Coupled with education, preserving the ’research university’ feature and international competitiveness of the SZTE is a priority for the institution. The goal of the University of Szeged is to remain a prestigious university of high standard that serves both science and the society as well. Cohlear Research and Development Ltd., recent partner of the SZTE is committed to the research and development of hearing aid appliances and their production.


The scope of the agreement includes a research and development cooperation in the field of applied research capacities and Cohlear undertakes to provide medical students of the University of Szeged with their most modern learning tools at the clinics of Szeged.


In the course of the signing event, Prof. Dr. László Rovó, rector of the University of Szeged and ETN-specialist said: ‘Our institution has a leading position in paediatric respiratory tract surgeries, ear surgeries and cochlear implantations in Hungary. Furthermore, with the ongoing renovation and extension works at the Department of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, by 2020 a cochlear implantation centre will be set up where patients will be treated in a more comfortable environment, also up-to-date facilities for the research work related to this procedure will be provided.’ He also added that the significant professional work that Cochlear Research and Development Ltd. recognized by entering an agreement with the University of Szeged, the first and only higher education institution to enjoy this privilege in Hungary and emphasized that the agreement is of great importance not only for the university, but it also forms an elementary part of our country’s health industry.


Dr. József Bódis, state secretary for education pointed out that the University of Szeged is undoubtedly the biggest research university of the Southern Hungarian region and also one of the most prominent universities of Hungary that is among the best universities of Central Europe. Cohlear Research and Development Ltd. is more than a company of innovation: its goal is to help people hear and get heard. This particular partnership between the SZTE and Cohlear is a milestone to establish closer ties.


President of the Sydney-based company established in 1981, Richard Brook said that the implantation of hearing aid is not only a technology, but also a significant investment into the society. No matter if it is an adult or a child, one who can connect the world around has an inherent economic value.

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Hundreds of thousands are affected by hearing loss or deafness and these modern tools improve the quality of life of patients with hearing impediments. This particular area of expertise is strongly represented at the clinics of the University of Szeged, therefore this agreement is of crucial importance for the institution.


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