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Fejlesztési Projektek  --  Határon átnyúló együttműködések  --  HU-RO  --  HURO/0901/021/2.2.3

Project title

Identification of biomarkers in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis


Project acronym



Project ID



Requested grant

48 880,00 EUR (99,33%)


Own contribution

330,00 EUR (0,67%)


Project timeframe

10/2010-09/2011 (12 months)


Name of the Lead Partner

University of Szeged

Legal representative of the Lead Partner

Prof. Dr. Gábor Szabó professor and head of department, rector

Contact person of the Lead Partner

Prof. Dr. László Vécsei professor and head of department



Name of the Project Partner

Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara

Legal representative the Project Partner

Prof. Stefan Iosif Dragulescu, MD, PhD

Contact person of the Project Partner

Prof. Dr. Mihaela Simu


Priority axis

To strengthen social and economic cohesion of the border area.


Key area of Intervention

Promotion of cooperation in the field of research & development and innovation.



Cooperation between sectors involved in research & development.


Short summary of the project

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a common idiopathic autoimmune disease of the nervous system that affects young adults, and often leads to juvenile disability. Since MS is a progressive disease, it is presumed that the level of the disability could be reduced by early-stage active treatment of the most endangered patients. At the instance of disease onset, however, the severity of the disease-process or the future clinical subtype cannot be foreseen, as currently we do not possess any biomarkers capable of appropriate prediction.


In this particular project, the partners have undertaken the isolation and analysis of proteins with potential biomarker value from the cerebrospinal fluid samples of MS patients treated in the hospitals of the Hungarian South Great Plain region and the Romanian Western Region. Since there is a significant diversity in the geographical prevalence of the disease, the examination of patients in neighboring regions is essential, through which we can reach proper number of patients and samples in a given geographical area.

At the beginning of the project, the cerebrospinal fluid collection, process, storage and transport protocols have been harmonized between the partners.

The preliminary results of the study have been presented in the Hungarian-Romanian Multidisciplinary PhD School Programme in Medicine (06.05.2011, Timisoara, Romania) with the title ‘Study on the levels of tau and β-amyloid in CSF of patients with multiple sclerosis’, in the 15th Congress of European Federation of Neurological Societies (12.09.2011, Budapest, Hungary) with the title Biomarkers of axonal and neuronal injury in CSF of patients with multiple sclerosis, and in the BIOMARK Project Closing Event (26.09.2011, Szeged, Hungary) with the title ‘Biomarkers of axonal and neuronal injury in CSF of patients with multiple sclerosis’.

The publication of the final results in a scientific journal is underway; the manuscript is expected to be submitted in September 2012.

Supported by the European Regional

Development Fund HURO/0901/021/2.2.3.

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