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Student Card

Temporary Student ID

  • Required documents: an activated EHA-code (following the Neptun registration) and a valid passport.
  • This verifies your student status at the university, until the permanent ID card is made. The temporary student ID is valid for 90 days, and if necessary this can be prolonged for other 90 day periods, until your permanent ID card is ready.

Permanent Student ID

In case of longer stays (in excess of 1 year), application for a permanent student ID is recommended.

Process of application:

  • You will have to go to the “Csongrád Megyei Kormányhivatal” (Government Office of Csongrád County) where your photo and signature will be taken.
    • Address: 6722 Szeged, Rákóczi tér 1.
    • Dates:
      • Sept. 10 (Tuesday), Sept. 11 (Wednesday): 08.00 – 19.00
      • Sept. 17 (Tuesday), Sept. 18 (Wednesday): 08.00 – 19.00
      • Sept. 24 (Tuesday), Sept. 25 (Wednesday): 08.00 – 19.00
      • Oct. 01 (Tuesday), Oct. 02. (Wednesday): 08.00 – 19.00
    • Please pull a number at the Information desk and go to 1st floor, counter No. 25.
    • On the aforementioned dates, an English-speaking administrator is provided by the Government Office.
    • In case of group arrivals (groups of 5-10 people), the coordinator should make an appointment at the Government Office.
    • Documents needed for the procedure:
      • School certificate (certificate of university attendance)
      • Original identification document(s) (passport / ID )
  • After registering your personal data, a form will be given to you, which should be taken to the Students’ Services Office (HSZI). For students of the Faculty of Medicine, the form has to be submitted to the Foreign Students’ Secretariat.
  • The actual application costs 1400 HUF. This fee can be paid on the spot by credit card or at the post office by cash.
  • The Students’ Services Office (or the Foreign Students’ Secretariat) will inform you if the permanent student ID is ready.

diakig_mintaIt is mandatory to hold a student ID card, as it is the only way of proving that you have an active status at the University. It also entitles students to enjoy a number of discounts in many services and places. You will also need a valid (at least temporary) student ID for buying or applying for a monthly student pass, which might be useful for international students.

SZTE Experience

julieJulie Deschanels- Faculty of Law and Political Sciences- Business Law

I chose the University of Szeged, because it has a very good international reputation. When I previously checked the website of the University I liked the fact that Szeged is not too big and too small. I received a lot of help from the ESN mentors. I like Hungary and Szeged a lot and I’m enjoying my classes. When I have free time I go jogging, or play foosball with my friends. In Szeged I really love Süti, nem süti, the river and TIK, because it is just perfect place to study: specious place with full of students and books.

GloriaGloria Kafui Esi Zodanu - Faculty of Science and Informatics

I’m a Ph.D. student from Ghana and enrolled in a scholarship program. I heard about the university for the first time from a friend as a peaceful and friendly place to be. Indeed, the city of Szeged is a quiet, and peaceful place to live. My supervisor and HOD’S approach to teaching gives me a better insight and understanding of the program. The city is very friendly, and I go shopping and walking in my free time. The Dom square is a magnificent landmark, and the surrounding buildings are excellent reference points of a branded city of natural beauty. The most attractive place for me in Szeged is the zoo. Hungary is a beautiful country with the rivers such as the Danube, Tisza and the surrounding bridges. My expectations of the university and study environment keep improving by the day, and I’m delighted. I will recommend the university to because of the quality educational system for career development.